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Table 1 5-fold cross-validation Performance of the CSHMM using a human miRNA dataset.

From: Prediction of novel precursor miRNAs using a context-sensitive hidden Markov model (CSHMM)

Predicted   miRNA non-miRNA  
  miRNA 170(60.67) 12(121.33) 182
  non-miRNA 30(139.33) 388(278.67) 418
   200 (dataset D1) 400 (dataset D2) 600
  1. The number in parentheses following each entry is the expected value of the entry under the hypothesis that the actual class is independent of the predicted one. Estimates of predictive accuracy, sensitivity and specificity from this table are 0.93 (93%), 0.85 (85%) and 0.97 (97%) respectively.