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Table 4 Number of sequences in the rhizobia data set and prediction results.

From: Computational prediction of type III secreted proteins from gram-negative bacteria

Strain Original # # Seq. with tts box Predicted # Unconfirmed #
WSM419 6213 160 9 9
MAFF303099 7272 142 12 8
USDA110 8317 279 30 23
NGR234 418 375 6 0
Total 22220 956 57 40
  1. The strains are abbreviated as WSM419 for Sinorhizobium medicae WSM419, MAFF303099 for Mesorhizobium loti MAFF303099, USDA110 for Bradyrhizobium japonicum USDA110, and NGR234 for Sinorhizobium sp. NGR234. The original number means the number of proteins collected from the rhizobial strains. For MAFF303099 and NGR234, the numbers are the total numbers of proteins on both the chromosome and plasmids. The third column lists the numbers of sequences that have the tts motif in their promoters. The fourth column records the numbers of candidate effectors predicted by the SVM.