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Table 2 32 features selected by F-score

From: MiRenSVM: towards better prediction of microRNA precursors using an ensemble SVM classifier with multi-loop features

Group num Feature
triplet element 8 A(((, A…, U(((, U(.(, U…, G(((, C(((, C(.(
base pair 8 dP, dP/n_loops, Avg_bp_stem, diversity, |A-U|/L,|G-C|/L, %(A-U)/n_loops, %(G-C)/n_loops
thermodynamics 16 NEFE, MFEI 1 , MFEI 2 , MFEI 3 , MFEI 4 , dG, Diff, Freq, Tm, dH/L, dS/L, Tm/L, p-value_MFE, p-value_EFE, z-score_MFE, z-score_EFE