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Table 1 Datasets

From: SeqWare Query Engine: storing and searching sequence data in the cloud

Dataset Technology SNVs & Indels SV Translocations Reference
European-Venter Sanger Y Y N Levy et al. 2007 [3]
European-Watson 454 Y Y N Wheeler et al. 2008 [4]
European- Quake Helicos Y Y N Pushkarev et al. 2009 [5]
Asian Illumina Y Y N Wang et al. 2008 [6]
Yoruban 18507 Illumina Y Y N Bentley et al. 2008 [7]
Yoruban 18507 SOLiD Y Y N McKernan et al. 2009 [8]
Korean Illumina Y Y N Ahn et al. 2009 [9]
Korean-AKI Illumina Y Y N Kim et al. 2009 [10]
3 human genomes Complete Genomics Y Y N Drmanac et al. 2009 [11]
AML T/N Illumina Y Y N Ley et al. 2008 [12]
AML genome Illumina Y Y N Mardis et al. 2009 [13]
Melanoma Illumina Y Y N Pleasance et al. 2010 [15]
Lung cancer SOLiD Y Y N Pleasance et al. 2010 [14]
U87MG SOLiD Y Y Y Clark et al. 2010 [16]
  1. Fourteen whole genome datasets were loaded into the database, including the U87MG genome, with the March 2006 assembly of the human genome used as reference (NCBI36/hg18). Variant types (SNVs, small/large indels, SVs, etc) loaded and publication references are noted for each respective dataset. This table was adapted from Snyder et al. 2010.