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Table 1 Examples of EDFs

From: Learning an enriched representation from unlabeled data for protein-protein interaction extraction

Current example: The results show that prot1 heterodimerizes with prot0 and prot2 in vivo , but it does not homodimerize to a measurable extent .
SP-EDF: -4_From_P1=the
-3_From_P1=the results
-8_From_P2=the results
1_From_P2=and prot2 in
CP-EDF: P1_Left=that^P2_Left=and^5
P1_Left=show that^P2_Left=prot0 and^5
P1_Left=results show that^P2_Left=with prot0 and^5
P1_Right= heterodimerizes^P2_Left=and^5
DS-EDF: SimWith_example0_ Over_0.8
SimWith_example0_ Over_0.5
SimWith_example0_ Over_0.3
SimWith_example0_ Over_0.2
SimWith_example0_ Over_0.1
SimWith_example1_ Over_0.8
  1. In SP-EDF, the distance of a protein and an n-gram is the word count between the protein and the last token of the n-gram. In the CD-EDF, the distance between the two proteins is 5, so all the features are joined with the distance.