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Table 1 Types of data currently available from the maize/Aspergillus research community and the type of identifier reported.

From: Integrated database for identifying candidate genes for Aspergillus flavus resistance in maize

Data Type Identifier Type Number of Records Data Source
Gene microarrays ESTs with a variety of identifiers 62,178 MSU 2002 Kelley 2DAI MSU 2005 Kelley 4 DAI
Shotgun proteomics UniProtKB 512 MSU 2004 Pechanova Rachis
Gel based proteomics UniProtKB 411 MSU 2004 Pechanova Rachis
QTL studies Bin numbers 67 Paul et al 2003Widstrom et al 2003Busboom 2004Unpublished QTLBrooks 2005Warburton 2009Warburton 2010
SNP studies EST identifiers 30 MSU Mylroie SNP