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Table 3 Comparison of AUROC values on Arabidopsis data

From: Constructing non-stationary Dynamic Bayesian Networks with a flexible lag choosing mechanism

  ArabidopsisT 20 ArabidopsisT 28
RJnsDBNs 0.5070 0.5773
ASnsDBNs 0.5929 0.5641
FLnsDBNs G1:0.6138; G2:0.6150 G1:0.6558; G2:0.6628
  1. TP, true positive; FP, false positive; TN, true negative; FN, false negative.
  2. Sensitivity = TP/(TP+FN).
  3. Specificity = TN/(TN+FP).
  4. Complementary Specificity = 1- Specificity = FP/(TN+FP). The ROC curves are plotted with the Sensitivity scores against the corresponding Complementary Specificity scores. G1 and G2 are two networks reconstructed based on the changepoint 6.