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Table 2 Data field names and description of the QTL annotation database table.

From: Two new ArrayTrack libraries for personalized biomedical research

Field Name Field Description
Tax_ID Species taxonomy ID
External_ID QTL’s ID assigned by the data source
Entrez_Gene_ID QTL’s gene ID assigned by NCBI
Symbol QTL representation symbol (short name)
QTL_Name QTL full name (long description)
Chromosome The chromosome that the QTL is positioned on
Strand The chromosome strand that the QTL is positioned on
cM_Position Estimated centiMorgan (cM) position on the chromosome
Chr_Start Base pair starting position on the chromosome
Chr_End Base pair ending position on the chromosome
Pos_Method How position is determined
Ref_Pubmed PubMed IDs for the original papers detailing the QTL
Synonyms Other symbols may have been used
Phenotypes Phenotype ontology annotation
Candidate Genes Candidate genes mentioned by original papers