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Table 2 List of task sets and their respective weights β i that were assigned by 1-norm MKL.

From: Inferring latent task structure for Multitask Learning by Multiple Kernel Learning

Task Set      weight
A_0201, A_0202, A_0203, A_6901   0.186
A_0201, A_0202, A_0203, A_2301   0.178
A_0202, A_0203, A_2301, A_2402, A_2403 0.110
A_0201, A_0203, A_2301, A_2402, A_2403 0.091
A_0201, A_0202, A_2301, A_2402, A_6901 0.074
A_0201, A_0202, A_2301, A_2402, A_2403 0.066