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Table 2 Exemplary intersection between gene co-expression, knowledge-anchored, and clinical feature co-expression networks, as identified during Phase 2.

From: Multi-dimensional discovery of biomarker and phenotype complexes

Network Initial Concept Network Path or CKC Terminal Concept
Gene Co-Expression* CD8A CD8A↔IL2RB↔ZAP70 ZAP70
Conceptual Knowledge** ZAP70 [ZAP70 gene]-gene_plays_role_in_process-[Ligand Binding]-biological_process_involves_gene_product-[LTB4R protein, human]-gene_product_expressed_in_tissue-[Lymphoid Tissue]-is_normal_tissue_origin_of_diseas e-[Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia refractory] Chronic lymphocytic leukemia refractory
Clinical Feature Co-Expression* Chronic lymphocytic leukemia refractory Chronic lymphocytic leukemia refractory (treatment response) ↔ del(17p13) ↔ Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia with Unmutated Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain Variable-Region Gene ↔ Lactic acid dehydrogenase raised Lactic acid dehydrogenase raised
  1. * Network path; ** CKC (including semantic relationships in italics)