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Figure 5

From: MTML-msBayes: Approximate Bayesian comparative phylogeographic inference from multiple taxa and multiple loci with rate heterogeneity

Figure 5

ABC algorithm validation for estimator accuracy under simultaneous divergence. Frequency histograms of sets of 100 ABC estimates of E(τ) (panel A) and Ω (panel B) with each test data set simulated under simultaneous divergence (Ω = 0; Ψ = 1) and each simulated draw from the hyper-prior had the number divergence times across five taxon-pairs (Ψ) drawn from its discrete uniform hyper-prior between 1 (simultaneous divergence) and 5 (the number of taxon-pairs). Test data and corresponding priors were simulated given data from 1, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 loci each from 5 taxon-pairs. Each point estimate is the mode of 500 accepted points in total out of 1,500,000 simulated data sets using ABC with local linear regression and a summary statistic vector D m that only included mean values of π b across loci from every taxon-pair.

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