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Table 6 Mathematical Notation

From: Sequential interim analyses of survival data in DNA microarray experiments

1. Patient Data  
   N samples
    anticipated length of the recruitment part of the study
   a = (a1, ..., a N ) arrival times
  where a i ~ U(0, l1), i = 1, ..., N
   l1 = max(a) length of the recruitment part
   l2 length of the follow-up part
   L = l1 + l2 study length
   M1 number of analyses within l1
   M2 number of analyses within l2
   M = M1 + M2 number of analyses
   t = (t1, ..., t N ) analysis times
   λ mean survival time
   s = (s1, ..., s N ) survival times
  where s i ~ Exp(λ), i = 1, ..., N
    censor variable
2. Gene Expression Data  
   d genes
   d0 genes not associated with survival
   d1 genes associated with survival
   R number of positive test decisions
   FN false negative test decisions
   TN true negative test decisions
   FP false positive test decisions
   TP true positive test decisions
   τ fraction of differentially expressed genes
    gene expression data
   ϑ tuning parameter within the estimation of the proportion of true null hypotheses
   αBH the level for the type I error that is adjusted according to the BH- procedure