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Table 1 Differentiating features between various multi-population tag SNPs selection programs

From: SNPPicker: High quality tag SNP selection across multiple populations

SNPPicker Snagger multiPopTagSelect Feature
X   X Simultaneous multi-population optimization
X X   Optimizes genotyping score
X X   Optimizes conflicting tag SNPs
X X X Functional class prioritization (strategy specific to each application)
X X   Optional selection of multiple tag SNPs per bin
X    Simultaneous optimization of multiple genes or regions
X    Accounts for previously genotyped SNPs
X    Optimizes for the Infinium assay
X    Distribute conflicting SNP across multiple panel
X   X Not limited to Hapmap Samples
  1. Differentiating features between the multi-population tag SNPs algorithms. Features similar to all 3 applications were omitted.