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Table 2 The performance of peak callers.

From: PeakRanger: A cloud-enabled peak caller for ChIP-seq data

Algorithms Elapsed time Maximum memory footprint
PeakRanger 2m9s 2.9G
PeakSeq 5m11s 1.48G
SISSRs 15m18s 0.89G
FindPeaks 19m39s 4.2G
Erange 21m31s 0.81G
F-Seq 23m6s 7.27G
MACS 33m13s 1.04G
SPP 34m59s 1.98G
QuEST 36m51s 4.36G
CisGenome 55m39s 1.85G
GPS 64m18s 4.39G
  1. Running time and memory footprint was recorded for peak callers using the GABP dataset.