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Table 2 Definition of network parameter

From: Identification of microRNA precursors based on random forest with network-level representation method of stem-loop structure

Parameter Description
Hub score Kleinberg's hub.
Path length The length of a path.
Shortest path The shortest path between two vertices.
Constraint Calculates Burt's constraint for each vertex.
Degree The number of edges connected to a vertex.
Grith The length of the shortest circle in the graph.
Modularity Modularity of a community structure of a graph.
Graph motifs The small subgraphs with a well-defined structure.
Articulation point A vertex that, if removed, will disconnect the graph.
Node betweenness The number of shortest paths that pass through a vertex.
Edge betweenness The number of shortest paths that pass through an edge.
Diameter The diameter of a graph is the length of the longest geodesic.
Cocitation coupling Two vertices are cocited if there is another vertex citing both of them.
Transitivity Measures the probability that the adjacent vertices of a vertex are connected.
Bibliographic coupling The bibliographic coupling of two vertices is the number of other vertices they both cite.
Closeness centrality Measures how many steps are required to access every other vertex from a given vertex.
Coreness The coreness of a vertex is k if it belongs to the k-core but not to the (k+1)-core, a subgraph where every node has k connections.
Graph density The density of a graph is the ratio of the number of edges and the number of possible edges.