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Table 1 Summary of mosaic structural variants identified in HapMap individuals by using MAD tool.

From: A fast and accurate method to detect allelic genomic imbalances underlying mosaic rearrangements using SNP array data

Sample BAFsegmentation? Chr Event Start End Size (Mb)
NA10857 Yes 2 Duplication 59,505,990 60,622,482 1.1
NA11882 Yes 19 Duplication 57,313,456 63,802,440 6.7
NA12236 Yes 15 Trisomy pter qter  
NA12248 No 14 Trisomy pter qter  
NA12248 No 9 Trisomy pter qter  
NA12875 Yes 2 Trisomy pter qter  
NA18855 Yes 2 UPD pter 94,755,295 94,7
NA18972 Yes 8 Duplication 4,669,277 5,914,260 1.2
NA19193 Yes 12 Trisomy pter qter  
  1. The second column indicates whether BAFsegmentation algorithms also found the alteration.