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Table 1 Resources in Brunn

From: Brunn: An open source laboratory information system for microplates with a graphical plate layout design process

PlateType A PlateType defines the size of a plate.
PlateLayout A PlateLayout defines which wells are used for dilution series, blank and controls. It also defines all calculation functions.
MasterPlate A MasterPlate defines which substances with which concentrations are in which wells.
Compound A Compound is a substance whose effects are of interest.
Cell Line A Cell Line represents a cultured cell type that is grown outside the body. Can be bred for specific properties such as drug resistance
Patient Cell A Patient Cell represents tissue samples from a patient.
Plate A Plate corresponds to a real life plate and is what result data is coupled to.
  1. Plates in Brunn are built in a stepwise process where the result of each step is stored in the database as one resource type.