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Table 1 Parameters of the Gamma distributions for sampling the RBF-hyperparameters.

From: A Simple Approach to Ranking Differentially Expressed Gene Expression Time Courses through Gaussian Process Regression

   Sampling Gamma distribution Γ(a, b)
   a (scale) b (shape)
2 (characteristic lengthscale) 1.4 5.7
  (signal variance) 2.76 0.2
  (noise variance) 23 0.008
  1. These are the parameters of the Gamma distributions from which we sample the RBF- hyperparameters. For example, the characteristic lengthscale is sampled from a Gamma with scale 1.4 and shape 5.7. The hyperparameters are then used in the RBF covariance function to sample/simulate a profile from the Gaussian process.