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Table 3 Comparison of available features between existing ontology repositories and OntoCAT

From: OntoCAT -- simple ontology search and integration in Java, R and REST/JavaScript

  OLS BioPortal OntoCAT
Web services SOAP REST REST
Java API Yes   Yes
Complexity (C) 16 29 16
Richness (R) 177 1405 ≥ 1582
log R/C 1.0 1.7 ≥ 2.0
OWL support   Yes Yes
OBO support Yes Yes Yes
Local ontologies    Yes
Open source Apache License Apache License LGPL v.3
  1. Complexity is represented as a number of public methods available in the respective Java API interface or different web services signatures where the former is not available. Richness is measured as a number of hits returned from a non exact query for 'thymus'. A logarithm of richness and complexity quotient is provided as a single score to judge the relation between the two. It is higher the richer the source and less complex it is to access [created on 27-07-2010].