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Table 5 Top semantic types by frequency in the NLM WSD and our data set

From: Exploiting MeSH indexing in MEDLINE to generate a data set for word sense disambiguation

Type Description Freq Type Description Freq.
T061 Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure 9 T047 Disease or Syndrome 73
T040 Organism Function 7 T116 Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein 50
T032 Organism Attribute 7 T121 Pharmacologic Sub-stance 44
T098 Population Group 6 T123 Biologically Active Substance 32
T070 Natural Phenomenon or Process 6 T023 Body Part, Organ, or Organ Component 29
T041 Mental Process 6 T109 Organic Chemical 26
T081 Quantitative Concept 6 T083 Geographic Area 24
T080 Qualitative Concept 6 T129 Immunologic Factor 17
T059 Laboratory Procedure 5 T191 Neoplastic Process 15
T170 Intellectual Product 5 T114 Nucleic Acid, Nucleoside, or Nucleotide 11
  1. For each set, the semantic type, description and frequency in the set are shown.