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Table 2 Comparisons between the two automatic ImageJ-based methods NeurphologyJ and NeuriteTracer

From: NeurphologyJ: An automatic neuronal morphology quantification method and its application in pharmacological discovery

Measurements (Function, speed, and accuracy) NeuriteTracer NeurphologyJ
Neurite length Yes Yes
Soma number Yes Yes
Soma size No Yes
Attachment point No Yes
Ending point No Yes
Image for analysis Pair of images Single image
No. of Images in one batch Limited by memory Unlimited
Analysis speed per image 2.1 sec 1.7 sec
Correlation coefficient/p-value* (primary neurons) 0.97/<0.0001 0.97/0.2696
Correlation coefficient/p-value* (P19 neurons) 0.97/0.0025 0.99/0.5678
  1. * Manual tracings using NeuronJ are used as gold standard for calculating correlation coefficient and p-value.