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Table 4 The Proportion of Interface Residues in Datasets used in this Study.

From: HomPPI: a class of sequence homology based protein-protein interface prediction methods

Dataset Number of Interface Residuesa Total Number of Residuesb % Interface Residues
Nr6505 145,498 1,377,630 10.6%
Benchmark180 6,401 43,013 14.9%
Trans135 6,460 55,217 11.7%
Oblig94 10,273 55,400 18.5%
Disordered S1 c 585 1,171 50.0%
Disordered S2 c 1,797 11,400 15.8%
  1. a When a chain interacts with more than one other chain, the interfaces are counted separately. For example, for protein complex 2phe C:AB, the interface of C with A and the interface of C with B are regarded as two disordered interfaces.
  2. b Residues that missing from PDB structures are not counted.
  3. c For disordered interface datasets S1 and S2, only disordered interfaces are counted.