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Table 3 Correlation of IF experimental results on HDAC antibody to SVM scores

From: Determinants of antigenicity and specificity in immune response for protein sequences

Antibody_Name SVM_Score Comments
HDAC4a-493 0.879548 Very Good
HDAC11-494 0.767461 Very Good
HDAC3-498 0.698287 Low intensity
HDAC1-500 0.602691 Very Good
HDAC11-495 0.535022 Good
HDAC3-499 0.533935 Low intensity
HDAC4a-492 0.5196 Not good IF
HDAC6-497 0.35699 Low intensity
HDAC6-496 0.184187 Good
HDAC1-501 0.167799 Very Good