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Table 2 Running times on RDP dataset

From: DNACLUST: accurate and efficient clustering of phylogenetic marker genes

  0.99 0.97 0.95
DNACLUST exact 204 372 960
UCLUST exact   7800 5040
DNACLUST inexact 74 76 150
UCLUST inexact 43 29 16
  1. The running times (minutes) of DNACLUST and UCLUST with various similarity thresholds on the RDP dataset.
  2. The running times were measured on a single 2.8GHz processor of an AMD64 Linux workstation. The command line options were:
  3. dnaclust infile.fasta -l -s 0.9x -k 5 [--approximate-filter] > outfile.cluster uclust --input infile-sorted.fasta --uc outfile.cluster --id 0.9x [--exact]