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Table 4 The IL-2 regulated gene sets.

From: Gene set analysis for longitudinal gene expression data

Gene Set FDR
Ross cbf 0.020
Peart histone up 0.047
Rome insulin 2f up 0.038
Hivnefpathway 0.025
Cell adhesion 0.041
Haddad hsc cd7 up 0.010
Flechner kidney transplant rejection pbl up 0.009
Shepard pos reg of cell proliferation 0.029
Haddad cd45cd7 plus vs minus up 0.010
Hsiao liver specific genes 0.031
Takeda nup8 hoxa9 3d up 0.030
Cromer hypopharyngeal met vs non dn 0.028
Vanasse bcl2 targets 0.006
Gamma unique fibro dn 0.018
Tnfalpha adip dn 0.026
Gn camp granulosa dn 0.041
Aged mouse neocortex up 0.026
Adip diff up 0.006
Hsa04370 vegf signaling pathway 0.016
Hsa04520 adherens junction 0.008