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Table 1 Fused genes detected by Gene deFuser in Tetrahymena

From: Detection of Fused Genes in Eukaryotic Genomes using Gene deFuser: Analysis of the Tetrahymena thermophila genome

N-terminus hit C-terminus hit Copies found in the genome Fusion described or predicted in Tetrahymena? Gene Name Genbank Accession
dihydrofolate reductase thymidylate synthase 1 YES DTS1 EAR85731
P-type ATPase adenylyl/guanylyl cyclase 2 YES PAC1 EAS02708
     PAC2 EAS03660
cyclophilin peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase SYF2 pre-mRNA splicing factor 1 YES CSY1 EAR98967
SEC7-family GTPase TBC1 domain GTPase activator 1 YES TBS1 EDK31800
peroxisomal multifunctional oxidation protein 2-enoyl-CoA hydratase 1 YES MFE1 EAS01180
kelch repeat containing protein ser/thr phosphatase 2 YES BSU1 EAR82584
     BSU2 EAS02286
fatty acyl-CoA reductase dihydroxyacetone phosphate acyltransferase 1 NO ART1 EAS00429
leishmanolysin-like peptidase subtilisin-like proprotein convertase 12 NO LSF1 EAR96678
     LSF2 EAR96679
     LSF3 EAR96681
     LSF4 EAR82776
     LSF5 EAR86010
     LSF6 EAR86011
     LSF7 EAR86012
     LSF8 EAR86013
     LSF9 EAR86016
     LSF10 EAR86017
     LSF11 EAR86018
     LSF12 EDK32083
ser/thr kinase O-linked N-acetylglucosamine transferase 4 NO KOT1 EAR98929
     KOT2 EAS07587
     KOT3 EAR94286
     KOT4 EAS05661
kinesin ER-golgi vesicle tethering protein 2 NO KET1 EAR95984
     KET2 EAR91273
myosin Regulator of Chromosome Condensation (RCC1) 3 NO MYO11 EAR87392
     MYO12 EAR93163
     MYO3 EAR98568
kinesin CENP-E Regulator of Chromosome Condensation (RCC1) 2 NO KRC1 EAR84240
     KRC2 EAR88562
calmodulin dependent protein kinase Radial spoke protein 2 NO RSK1 EAR84708
     RSK2 EAR84712
MAPK ser/thr kinase Radial spoke protein 1 NO RSK3 EAS01279
NIMA-related kinase Radial spoke protein 1 NO RSK4 EAR95086
guanylate-binding protein ER-golgi vesicle tethering protein 1 NO GVT1 EAR98751
ankyrin/histone H3 methyl transferase exosome 3-5 exoribonuclease 1 NO AXE1 EAR87370
ser/thr kinase LRR-containing protein 4 NO LRK1 EAR91534
     LRK2 EAR87255
     LRK3 EAR99973
     LRK4 EAR92811
protein phosphatase ER-golgi vesicle tethering protein 1 NO LRC1 EAR89472
PI-4-phosphate 5-kinase tyrosine kinase 1 NO TKL1 EAR94148
subtilisin-like proprotein teneurin-1 2 NO CVP1 EAR94583
     CVP2 EAS03363
transcription factor NF-X1 nuclear protein export factor 1 NO ZEF1 EAS01176
uncharacterized protein 26S proteasome subunit 1 NO PLF1 EAS02650
ser/thr kinase Ca2+/calmodulin protein kinase 1 NO KFK1 EAR81873
aarF domain containing protein ubiquinone biosynthesis protein 1 NO ABC1 EAS05302