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Table 1 DS_DMEL - Data for putative and known networks obtained with Bio::Homology::InterologWalk

From: Bio::Homology::InterologWalk - A Perl module to build putative protein-protein interaction networks through interolog mapping

  Putative Known
Gene IDs 14869 14869
Reference Genomes 52 NA
Orthologues (Forward) 150968 NA
PPIs in Reference Genomes 37931 NA
Total Interactions 11316 51827
Unique PP Pairs 4428 26622
Surviving IDs (% Gene IDs) 2188 (14.7) 7779 (52.3)
Nodes 2188 7779
Edges 4428 26622
  1. The table shows a comparison of the PPI datasets and networks obtained for the Drosophila melanogaster interactome dataset (DS_DMEL). Results obtained using the two available
  2. Bio::Homology::InterologWalk pipelines - putative and experimental - are shown. In the putative pipeline, the data shown are relative to interactions obtained through interolog mapping. In the experimental pipeline, the initial dataset has been queried against EBI Intact to gather all known, experimental molecular associations available. The field 'Total Interactions' indicates the total number of final entries of the form I = (gene x , gene y ) obtained. Since I can be observed several times through different orthology paths, the field Unique PP Pairs shows the number of unique (gene x , gene y ) pairs observed.