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Table 2 Validations from literature for the predictions.

From: Differential C3NET reveals disease networks of direct physical interactions

Gene1 Gene2 Category
API5 DDX39 Tumor
TAP1 PSMB8 Tumor
TERF2 RAD50 Tumor
MYC RPL3 Tumor
CCND1 NCOA3 Normal
TOB1 PABPC1 Normal
PRKG1 SF1 Normal
C1R C1S Common
MYC CNTN2 Common
COL4A1 COL4A2 Common
EGR2 EGR3 Common
HLA-G HLA-A Common
HLA-G HLA-F Common
KLK3 KLK2 Common
DST KRT5 Common
UBE2G2 MGRN1 Common
MT1E MT1H Common
MT1X MT1H Common
ESR1 POU4F1 Common
PSME2 PSMB1 Common
PSMB1 PSMB3 Common
PSMB4 PSMC1 Common
RPL15 RPL10A Common
RPL22 RPL10A Common
RPS17 RPL10A Common
RPS13 RPL12 Common
RPS7 RPL12 Common
RPL11 RPL24 Common
RPS14 RPL29 Common
RPL12 RPL31 Common
RPL6 RPL31 Common
RPS18 RPL31 Common
RPS23 RPL31 Common
RPL27A RPL34 Common
RPL24 RPL35 Common
RPL30 RPL35 Common
RPS12 RPL37 Common
RPS9 RPL8 Common
RPS12 RPL9 Common
RPS16 RPS11 Common
RPS8 RPS13 Common
RPL7 RPS15A Common
RPL10 RPS2 Common
RPS20 RPS24 Common
RPL13 RPS28 Common
RPL23 RPS3A Common
RPLP0 RPS4X Common
RPL29 RPS5 Common
RPL27 RPS7 Common
RPL32 RPS7 Common
RPS6 RPS8 Common
  1. The experimentally verified unique direct physical interactions from the databases and their predicted categories.