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Table 1 Comparison of common graphical workflow environments

From: Applications of the pipeline environment for visual informatics and genomics computations

Workflow Environment Requires Tool Recompiling Data Storage Platform Independent Client-Server Model Grid Enabled Application Area URL
LONI Pipeline [15] N External Y Y Y
Area agnostic
Taverna [35] Y
(via API)
Internal (MIR) Y N Y
Kepler [14] Y
(via API)
Internal (actors) Y N Y
Area agnostic
Triana [36] Y Internal data structure Y N Y
Hetero-geneous Apps
Galaxy [37] N External N
(Linux, Mac)
(Cloud EC2)
Pipeline Pilot Y Internal Y N N Biochemistry
AVS [38] Y Internal Y
(platform build)
N N Advanced Visualization
VisTrails [39] Y Internal N N N Scientific Visualization
Bioclipse [40] N
Internal Y N N Biochemistry Bioinformatics
  1. Y = yes, N = no; Taverna MIR plug-in, MIR = myGrid Information Repository; DRMAA = Distributed Resource Management Application API.