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Table 1 Pathogenic Sequences

From: Open-target sparse sensing of biological agents using DNA microarray

Species Pathogenicity GenBank ID
Bacillus anthracis (Ames strain) Anthrax NC_003997
Yersinia pestis (CO92) Bubonic plague NC_003143
Francisella tularensis (Schu 4) Tularemia NC_006570
Brucella suis Brucellosis NC_004310
Burkholderia mallei Glanders NC_006348
Burkholderia pseudomallei Melioidosis NC_006350
Escherichia coli O157 H7 str. Sakai Hemolytic uremic syndrome NC_002695
  1. Genomes retrieved from Genbank were used in the VLMC model to generate probes.