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Table 2 Fractions of DRLs or 'extended DRLs' in DCL sets.

From: Link-based quantitative methods to identify differentially coexpressed genes and gene Pairs

Golden Standard Dataset Background DCe-DCLs ASC-DCLs
True I 8.8e-4 1.5e-3 8.5e-4
DRLs II 1.0e-3 3.7e-3 7.1e-4
  III 9.8e-4 3.4e-3 7.9e-4
Extended I 0.44 0.49 0.45
true II 0.43 0.67 0.43
DRLs III 0.43 0.63 0.44
  1. I, II, and III denote three dataset pairs from the data groups A, B, and C, respectively.