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Table 1 Annotation summarya

From: Worm Phenotype Ontology: Integrating phenotype data within and beyond the C. elegans community

Data Object Number of Genes Annotated Number of Phenotype Connectionsb
Alleles 4361c 19824
RNAi 18834d 297909
Transgenes (Overexpression) 109e 461
  1. a Data from the WormBase WS215 release.
  2. b Includes both observed and 'Not' observed phenotypes. The number of phenotype connections is greater than the number of genes annotated, as each gene may have multiple phenotypes associated with them.
  3. c Derived from 7066 alleles.
  4. d Derived from 79068 RNAi experiments.
  5. e Associated with 223 transgenes.