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Table 10 Selected functional modules predicted from the TC-PINs and their P-values.

From: A comparison of the functional modules identified from time course and static PPI network data

ID Corrected
Predicted functional modules Real proteins
OS #common
1 2.71e-36 YNL151C YJL011C YOR116C YNL113W YNR003C YOR224C YPR187W YPR110C YOR207C YDL150W YDR045C YPR190C YKR025W YBR154C YKL144C YOR341W YBR150C YDL164C YDR200C YBL015W YKL103C YKL218C YFR040W YPR067W YOR210W YLL019C YNL248C YPL150W DNA-directed RNA polymerase III complex 0.54 16
2 5.58e-29 YOR179C YJR093C YLR115W YKL018W YNL222W YAL043C YDR228C YNL317W YKL059C YDR195W YER133W YDR301W YPR107C YGR156W YLR277C YDR412W YMR260C YHR100C YJL033W YOR250C YKR002W YML030W YGL256W YOR227W mRNA cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor complex 0.63 15
3 4.64e-24 YGL004C YFR004W YLR421C YDR363W-A YDL147W YKL145W YPR108W YFR052W YGR232W YOR261C YIL075C YGL048C YER021W YDR427W YDL097C YDL007W YFR010W YHL030W YBR272C YBL084C 19/22S regulator complex 0.69 17
4 4.35e-22 YFR036W YDL008W YKL022C YLR102C YDR118W YNL172W YOR249C anaphase- promoting complex 0.53 8
5 5.50e-17 YLR166C YER008C YGL233W YIL068C YDR166C YBR102C YIL068C YPR055W YMR002W Exocyst complex 0.77 7
6 2.85e-15 YLR192C YOR361C YMR309C YDR429C YBR079C YDR091C YMR146C YPR041W YNL029C eIF3 complex 0.57 6
7 9.60e-14 YOR115C YDR246W YGR166W YBR254C YDR407C YKR068C YDR108W YML077W YGR143W TRAPP complex 0.71 8
8 1.15e-14 YNR035C YKL013C YIL062C YLR370C YBR234C YJR065C YPR019W YNL040W YDL029W YNL012W Arp2/3 protein complex 0.70 7
9 2.79e-13 YHL025W YMR033W YPR034W YJL176C YBR289W YOR290C YPL016W YNR023W YFL049W YOR038C SWI/SNF complex 0.68 9
10 3.45e-12 YGL226C-A YDL232W YJL002C YOR103C YGL022W YOR085W YEL002C YBL105C YGL247W YLR220W oligosaccharyl transferase complex 0.54 7
  1. Table 10 gives 10 functional modules with very low P-values, predicted from the TC-PINs.