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Table 1 Preliminary constraints

From: A systems approach to identifying correlated gene targets for the loss of colour pigmentation in plants

  Reactions mg/kg Reaction Rate
Growth rate: lignin composition [38] mue   2.70E-02
Flavonoid products: Grapes[39, 40]    
cyanidin 3-glucoside (cpd1f-766) RXN1F-775 28.9 6.43E-02
cyanidin 3-p-coumaroylglucoside (cpd-7866) RXN-8204 1.4 2.35E-03
kaempferol-3-glucoside (cpd1f-453) RXN1F-461 97.7 1.64E-01
quercetin-3-glucoside (cpd1f-437) RXN1F-462 37.3 8.03E-02
Flavan-3-ols (proanthocyanidins) [40.4] [1.43E-01]
epiafzelechin: CPD-10413 RXN-9724   3.58E-02
2,3-cis-epicatechin: CPD-7630 RXN-9725   3.58E-02
afzelechin: CPD-1962 RXN-1481   3.58E-02
2,3-trans-catechin: CPD-1961 RXN-1484   3.58E-02
Other products: Other plants[4144] Range
luteolin (5734-TETRAHYDROXYFLAVONE)    [0, 5.02E+01]
apigenin (cpd-431)    [0, 1.44E+01]
methylsalicylate    [0, 1.15E-02]
methylbenzoate    [0, 2.27E+01]
4-coumarate    [0, 1.84E+00]
Caffeate    [0, 3.10E-01]
Ferulate    [0, 4.50E-01]
  1. Table 1 contains the preliminary constraint values compiled from literature [3944], as referenced in the table, and used to generate network input fluxes that are then kept constant for the different MCSs.