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Table 4 Complexes considered in the unbound docking experiment, for which GRAMM produced near-native structures, with their PDB and chain identifiers

From: DARS-RNP and QUASI-RNP: New statistical potentials for protein-RNA docking

Recognition by DARS-RNP and QUASI-RNP Molecule name Complex PDB code Receptor PDB code (and its RMSD vs the bound structure) Ligand PDB code (and its RMSD vs the bound structure)
  Norwalk Virus polymerase with CTP/RNA primer 3bso_a:p 1sh0_b (1.3) 3bso_p (0.0)
Successful HutP/Hut mRNA 1wpu_a:c 1wpv_a (0.2) 1wpu_c (0.0)
  9-subunit archaeal exosome/RNA 2jea_a, b:c 2je6_a, b (0.4) 2jea_c (0.0)
  SRP 19/7S.S SRP RNA 1lng_a:b 1lng_a (0.0) 1z43_a (2.1)
  Tyrosyl - tRNA synthetase splicing factor/group I intron RNA 2rkj_b:c 1y0q_a (3.0) 1y42_x (0.9)
Unsuccessful SRP C-termina domain/4.5 S RNA 2pxv_a:b 1cql_a (8.1) 2pxv_a (0.0)
  spliceosomal 15.5 K protein/U4 snRNA fragment 1e7k_a:c 2jnb_a (3.2) 1e7k_c (0.0)
  Synthetic Fab/P4-P6 ribozyme domain 2r8s_l, h:r 1hr2_a (4.3) 2r8s_l, h (0.0)