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Figure 1

From: VennDiagram: a package for the generation of highly-customizable Venn and Euler diagrams in R

Figure 1

The four types of Venn diagrams drawn by the VennDiagram package. A) A one-set Venn diagram showing rudimentary customizable features such as label font size, label font face, and shape-fill. B) A two-set Venn diagram showing more advanced features such as scaling, individual shape-fill specifications, and individual caption label placement. C) A three-set Venn diagram showing a different shape-line type ("transparent") and the "text" option of caption label placement where the caption labels are attached to area labels. D) A four-set Venn diagram showing a combination of all previous features plus the ability to customize titles. The code to generate all diagrams shown here is included in Additional File 3.

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