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Table 1 A comparison of the features of various programs capable of generating Venn diagrams.

From: VennDiagram: a package for the generation of highly-customizable Venn and Euler diagrams in R

  DrawVenn Venny gplots::venn venneuler limma::vennDiagram Google Chart GeneVenn VennMaster BioVenn VennDiagram
Colour     X   X X X X X
Style           X
Width      X      X
Colour           X
Caption labels           
Content     X    X X   X
Colour          X X
Font        X   X X
Size        X   X X
Style           X
Location         X X (SVG only) X
Position         X X (SVG only) X
Distance         X X (SVG only) X
Justification           X
Area labels           
Colour      X     X X
Font   X      X   X X
Size   X    X   X   X X
Style           X
Main title       X X   X X
Subtitle          X X
Position          X (SVG only) X
Colour       X    X X
Font          X X
Size       X    X X
Style           X
Justification           X
Colour       X    X  
Style       X     
File options           
Output type None PNG R graphics R graphics R graphics PNG/GIF PNG SVG/JPEG SVG/PNG TIFF/PNG/JPEG/BMP/others
Figure resolution         X X X
Data processing           
Built-in gene ID recognition         X X  
Figure from file(s)        X X X  
Specific optimizations         Gene Ontology   
Environment Java Web R R R Web Web Java Web R
Input format Direct (slider) Lists Lists Partial areas R object Partial areas Lists Lists/GoMiner output Lists Lists
Maximum sets 3 4 5 3 3 3 3 >5 3 4
Shapes used Circles/Rectangles Circles/Ellipses Circles/Ellipses Circles Circles Circles Circles Polygons Circles Circles/Ellipses
Scaling X    X*   X*   X (iterative) X* X (2-set only)
Euler diagrams     X     X X X
Margin size      X X     X
Rotation           X
Two-set external lines           X
Other set-specific parameters         X   X
  1. * uses inaccurate 3-set scaling with circles
  2. This table highlights the improvements that the VennDiagram package possesses over other notable Venn diagram-generating software. The highly customizable nature of the VennDiagram package is evident.