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Figure 3

From: Integrating GPCR-specific information with full text articles

Figure 3

Annotation of residue Trp243 in the human adenosine A3 receptor. On the left, part of a paper by Gao et al. [29] is shown; annotated concepts are highlighted in red by pressing the space-bar. On the right are the residue annotations. The protein name is linked to the protein detail page in GPCRDB. Links are also provided to a page in GPCRDB listing all available information for this residue, and to a YASARA [30] scene, in which the residue is highlighted. Residue numbers are provided both in the sequential numbering scheme and in the Ballesteros-Weinstein and Oliveira (GPCRDB) schemes. A short description of the location and interactions of this residue is provided, as well as a cartoon indicating its location in the receptor structure.

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