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Table 2 Training vs. testing groups: decoy discrimination test

From: LoCo: a novel main chain scoring function for protein structure prediction based on local coordinates

  Total sets RB1 RB10 RMSDdecoy Zdecoy CCdecoy FEdecoy log(PB1) log(PB10)
Training group 154 172.0 39.2 3.75 0.829 0.461 29.9 -0.773 -1.491
Testing group 77 154.8 5.6 3.51 0.938 0.505 31.4 -0.864 -1.640
  1. Comparison of LoCo performance for decoy discrimination on both the training and testing groups of decoy sets is shown. Again, results are roughly comparable, though the testing group did somewhat better overall. All measures are averages over every decoy set in the group. Definitions of measures used are provided in the Performance Measures subsection at the end of Methods. In summary, lower scores are better for RB1, RB10, RMSDdecoy, log(PB1) and log(PB10); higher scores are better for Zdecoy, CCdecoy and FEdecoy.