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Table 3 Examples of concurrent GO terms based on PAS

From: Quantification of protein group coherence and pathway assignment using functional association

GO ID Description Domain Concurrent GO terms Description Domain PAS
GO:0004461 lactose synthase activity MF GO:0003945 N-acetyllactosamine synthase activity MF 5.0101
    GO:0008378 galactosyltransferase activity MF 0.7727
    GO:0003831 beta-N-acetylglucosaminylglycopeptide beta-1,4-galactosyltransferase activity MF 0.7642
    GO:0005794 Golgi apparatus CC 0.0082
    GO:0009312 oligosaccharide biosynthetic process BP 0.0075
GO:0004842 ubiquitin-protein ligase activity MF GO:0019787 small conjugating protein ligase activity MF 0.3263
    GO:0051438 regulation of ubiquitin-protein ligase activity MF 0.3216
    GO:0016931 vasopressin activated calcium mobilizing receptor activity MF 0.3212
    GO:0034450 ubiquitin-ubiquitin ligase activity MF 0.3212
    GO:0042296 ISG15 ligase activity MF 0.3212
GO:0034755 iron ion transmembrane transport BP GO:0034759 regulation of iron ion transmembrane transport BP 13.0302
    GO:0005381 iron ion transmembrane transporter activity MF 12.4638
    GO:0015087 cobalt ion transmembrane transporter activity MF 3.2576
    GO:0070826 paraferritin complex CC 2.6061
    GO:0070574 cadmium ion transmembrane transport BP 1.3573
GO:0070637 pyridine nucleoside metabolic process BP GO:0070638 pyridine nucleoside catabolic process BP 0.7536
    GO:0034356 NAD biosynthesis via nicotinamide riboside salvage pathway BP 0.3015
    GO:0000816 nicotinamide riboside kinase activity MF 0.2826
    GO:0006738 nicotinamide riboside catabolic process BP 0.2029
    GO:0046495 nicotinamide riboside metabolic process BP 0.1932
GO:0005833 hemoglobin complex CC GO:0031721 hemoglobin alpha binding MF 0.0363
    GO:0031722 hemoglobin beta binding MF 0.0308
    GO:0030492 hemoglobin binding MF 0.0271
    GO:0020027 hemoglobin metabolic process BP 0.0158
    GO:0020037 heme binding MF 0.0083
  1. For the five GO terms in the left column, top five GO terms with the largest PAS score are listed. PAS based concurrent terms are those which are associated frequently in the PubMed abstracts.