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Table 2 PCR per base error probabilities for the three 'Even' V2 'Mock Communities'

From: Removing Noise From Pyrosequenced Amplicons

Nucleotide A C T G Total f Per cycle p
A 0.9995 7.2e-6 7.7e-6 5.1e-4 5.2e-4 3.5e-5
C 1.1e-05 0.9996 4.1e-4 2.1e-6 4.2e-4 2.8e-5
T 9.0e-6 5.7e-4 0.9994 1.4e-5 5.9e-4 4.0e-5
G 3.5e-4 3.2e-6 2.1e-5 0.9996 3.7e-4 2.5e-5
  1. The rows give the true nucleotides and the columns the observed as a result of errors. Estimates of the individual probabilities are given as frequencies. The total error probability f for each nucleotide is also quoted in the penultimate column, followed by the per cycle error rate p calculated as p = 2f /n, where n = 30 is the cycle number [8, 17].