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Table 2 Differently expressed genes in the datasets

From: Classification of microarrays; synergistic effects between normalization, gene selection and machine learning

Data set (D) No. significant genes Significance threshold
Alizadeh 787 6.40e-06
Finak 2145 1.49e-06
Galland 209 1.24e-06
Herschkowitz 324 2.54e-06
Jones 6282 1.24e-06
Sørlie 0 6.22e-06
Ye 47 5.61e-06
  1. Number of significant genes in each data set and the corresponding significance thresholds. The t-test was used to compute p-values for each gene and the Bonferroni correction was used to judge significance (i.e. significance threshold at 0.05 divided by the number of genes).