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Table 1 Sources of different types of terms in the BioLexicon

From: The BioLexicon: a large-scale terminological resource for biomedical text mining

Semantic type Resources Semantic type Resources
Cell Cell ontology Nucleic Acid Region Sequence Ontology (Region)
Cell Component Gene Ontology (GO:0005575 cellular component) Operon RegulonDB, ODB
Chemical CHEBI (IMR:0000947 chemical) Organism NCBI Species
Disease OMIM Transcription Factor-Binding-Site Sequence Ontology
Enzyme Enzyme Nomenclature Protein BioThesaurus
Gene BioThesaurus Protein Complex Corum database
Ligand IMR - INOH
Protein name/family name ontology
Protein Domain InterPro
Nuclear Receptor Gene ontology
(GO:0004879 ligand-dependent nuclear receptor activity)
Transcription Regulator RegulonDB, TransFac, Gene Ontology Annotation
  1. Each semantic type included in the BioLexicon is shown, together with resource(s) from which it has been extracted. In the case of large resources containing several types of terms (e.g., the Gene Ontology), the exact category of the extracted terms within the source resource is shown, together with an identifier for that category, if available.