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Table 5 Verb statistics

From: The BioLexicon: a large-scale terminological resource for biomedical text mining

  Domain-specific verbs General language verbs (from MedPost dictionary)
Total number 658 496
Inflected forms 15,274 (all verbs)
Related entries (nouns, adjectives, adverbs) 2,764 -
Grammatical frames 1,760  
Semantic event frames 856 -
Grammatical-semantic mappings 668 -
Total verbs with syntactic and semantic frames 168 -
  1. Most information is concerned with the 658 domain-specific verbs, including the curation of related entries, and the production of grammatical and semantic information. Each verb may have several grammatical or semantic frames associated with it, due to the different patterns of arguments that can occur with each verb. This explains why the number of grammatical frames, semantic event frames and grammatical-semantic links is higher than the total number of domain-specific verbs.