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Table 7 TREC Genomics track 2007 system performance

From: The BioLexicon: a large-scale terminological resource for biomedical text mining

System Document MAP
NLMinter (1st) 0.3286
NLMfusion (2nd) 0.3105
MuMshFd (3rd) 0.2906
MuMshFdRsc (4th) 0.2880
UniNE1 (5th) 0.2777
BioLex 0.2763
UniNE3 (6th) 0.2710
  1. The table shows the performances of the top 6 systems (in terms of Document MAP scores) taking part in the TREC Genomics track 2007, together with the performance of our system (configured to use uni-grams and BioLexicon terms as query terms) when applied to the same data. The rankings of the systems taking part in the original challenge are shown in brackets.