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Table 1 Comparison of predicted ncRNA loci and transcripts to annotation from NCBI and Rfam for S. coelicolor

From: nocoRNAc: Characterization of non-coding RNAs in prokaryotes

annotated ncRNAs RNAz locus predicted transcript
[correctness %]
predicted transcript
[correctness %]
21 ncRNA genes 21 (100%) 16 (76%) 13 62%)
65 tRNAs 57 (88%) 30 (53%) 1 (2%)
28 cis-regulatory motifs 17 (61%) 1 (94%) 2 (93%)
  1. The first column contains the numbers of annotated elements for 3 types of ncRNAs in S. coelicolor: ncRNA genes (without tRNAs) and tRNAs from NCBI as well as cis-regulatory motifs from Rfam. The second column indicates the number of elements for which RNAz predicted an ncRNA locus (strand-unspecific). Columns 3 and 4 indicate the number of annotated elements predicted to be an ncRNA transcript (strand-specific) by NOCO RNAc and SIPHT, respectively.