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Table 2 GULO results

From: Improving ontologies by automatic reasoning and evaluation of logical definitions

Inferred axioms referring to the MPO (4,216)
- asserted in XP 19
- not asserted in XP 4,198
Reasoned ontologyTarget ontology (MPO)
- number inferred axioms directly found 2,662
- number inferred axioms indirectly found 557
- number new axioms 997
Target ontology (MPO)Reasoned ontology
- number asserted axioms found 2,662
- number asserted axioms not found 4,095
  1. Statistics of GULO running on the MPO. A total of 4,216 axioms were inferred by GULO, of which 19 were directly asserted in the logical (XP) definitions. Of these, 2,662 were explicitly and 557 implicitly asserted by the MPO. 997 new axioms were identified that require attention by curators.