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Table 1 Classes in the codes table

From: MolabIS - An integrated information system for storing and managing molecular genetics data

# Class Description
1. BREED breeds of animals or varieties of plants
2. COUNTRY countries of users or contacts
3. LANGUAGE speaking languages of users or contacts
4. MARKER_TYPE types of molecular markers
5. MATERIAL_TYPE types of biological materials
6. METHOD electrophoresis methods for sequencing
7. MIMETYPE types of file extension
8. PRIMER names of PCR primers
9. PROTOCOL_TYPE types of experimental protocols
10. PURPOSE sequencing or genotyping
11. SEX genders of individuals
12. SOFTWARE software tools are used to analyze data
13. SPECIES species of individuals
14. VESSEL_TYPE types of vessels for storing samples
  1. The codes table provides fourteen classes to keep the references of foreign keys. Each class has many different values. The values are used to make drop-down lists in the data entry forms.