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Table 2 User rights on system functionality

From: MolabIS - An integrated information system for storing and managing molecular genetics data

  User role (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g)
1. User administrator      
2. Lab manager   
3. Scientist   
4. Visitor    
  1. Each row defines access rights to seven functional blocks (a: manage users, b: use workflow, c: update data, d: generate reports, e: export data, f: administrate data, g: get help). User administrators can add users to or remove users from the system. They can update the data and grant new roles to existing users. Lab managers can use most of the functions in the system except data entry via the workflow. Scientists can deal with the workflow for data entry and use other functions of the system except the administration of common data in the lab. Visitors can use some functions such as viewing data, generating reports, converting data and reading helps. However, they are limited to work with the workflow and the administration.