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Table 1 Physicochemical properties with feature usage larger than 50%

From: POPISK: T-cell reactivity prediction using support vector machines and string kernels

Usage AAindex ID Physicochemical properties
100% MEEJ800102 Retention coefficient in HPLC, pH2.1
91% WOLS870102 Principal property value z2
87% CASG920101 Hydrophobicity scale from native proteins
84% NAKH900110 Normalized composition of membrane proteins
81% FASG760105 pK-C
79% FAUJ880105 STERIMOL minimum width of the side chain
76% CHAM830107 A parameter of charge transfer capability
61% QIAN880127 Weights for coil at the window position of -6
59% RACS820108 Average relative fractional occurrence in AR (i-1)
58% DIGM050101 Hydrostatic pressure asymmetry index, PAI
56% TANS770109 Normalized frequency of coil